February 11, 2021: Statistics and Memory Grant Feedback in SQL Server

Join us for our February meeting (register HERE) when Deepthi Goguri presents on Statistics and Memory Grant Feedback in SQL Server! Deepthi presented for us for the first time this last November on the internals of the SQL engine. We are thrilled to have her back again for 2021! Go to the GLASS Meetup page for full session details and registration info!

Welcome to GLASS!

Welcome to the Greater Lansing Area for SQL Server, a user group that meets once per month for people who use and are interested in Microsoft SQL Server and other features of the Microsoft Data and BI stack.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently meeting virtually only. Once the world gets back to normal, we look forward to meeting in person again!

We utilize Meetup for scheduling our meetings, so if you haven’t already, jump out here and join our group! You will be notified through here of any of our upcoming meetings.

Thank you, welcome, and cheers!